Handicare (Linido) 10659 toilet seat with folding armrests and lid white

3 - 4 weeks


Handicare Linido
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Delivery time:
  • 3 - 4 weeks
  • white
  • plastic


Shape toilet seat:
  • R-shape round "egg" model
Appearance toilet seat:
  • with cover
Design toilet seat:
  • Sandwich
Function toilet seat:
  • not softclose
  • with armrests
  • toilet raiser
Maintenance toilet seat:
  • not quick-release
  • Bottom mounted ↑
Centre distance hing holes:
  • n.v.t.
Horizontal outside measure seat ring toilet seat ↔:
  • 360mm
Vertical outside measure seat ring toilet seat ↕:
  • 420mm
Horizontal inside measure seat ring toilet seat ↔:
  • Unknown
Vertical inside measure seat ring toilet seat ↕:
  • Unknown
Maximum load toilet seat:
  • 130kg

Handicare (Linido) toilet seat with folding armrests and lid

Toilet raiser with armrests and member:

Increases the seat height of a toilet by 85 mm, 125 mm or 165 mm

Going to the toilet is a private matter that people prefer to continue independently for as long as possible. For people with reduced strength and balance, sitting down and getting up during a toilet visit often pose a problem that results in unsafe situations every day.

By increasing the toilet, sitting down and getting up again becomes easier and safer for the user. The Handicare toilet seat with armrests and lid raises the seat by 85 mm, 125 mm or 165 mm.

The armrests offer extra comfort to both the forearms during the toilet visit and to the hands while sitting down and standing up again. In addition, the toilet seat also has openings in front and behind which makes it easier to reach intimate parts of the body without having to stand up. If desired, it is possible to sit on a standard toilet seat. You can also opt for use without toilet seat.

The toilet seat with lid offers a quick, easy and convenient solution to make the existing situation safe again without permanent adjustments.

* Easy to install, no tools required
* Fits most toilet bowls
* Increases the seat of the toilet by 85 mm, 125 mm or 165 mm
* Possibility of wedge adjustment so that the angle in hips and knees is greater than 90 degrees, which can be nice for joint complaints
* Hygiene openings in front and behind
* Independent folding armrests, also removable
* Provides support during sitting and standing transfer
* Can be used with or without lid
* Includes standard toilet seat and lid
* Easy to clean by regularly wiping with a normal household cleaner

Technical information

Material, seat: Plastic
Material, armrests Aluminum and PUR
Max. user weight: 130 kg
Total width: 590 mm
Total height: 380 mm
Total depth: 470 mm
Depth seat: 420 mm
Width seat: 360 mm
Seat height: 85 mm, 125 mm or 165 mm
Hygiene opening: front and back
Distance between armrests: 485 mm
Height armrest, in relation to the seat: 210 mm
Total length, armrests: 450 mm
Length, PUR armrest: 380 mm

Assembly instruction

1. Remove the existing toilet seat.
2. Unscrew the two white plastic safety nuts that are already attached to the two M8 threaded ends.
3. Place the toilet seat on the toilet and position the two M8 threaded ends in the two existing holes of the toilet.
4. If the M8 threaded ends are positioned in the mounting holes, screw the two white security nuts onto the M8 threaded ends until they are completely secure.

1. Place the left armrest, in the folded position, into the hole on the left side of the toilet seat, up to the push-button.
2. Press the button and push it further into the hole. If the armrest is moved far enough into the hole, the button will rise again.
3. Put the armrest in its folded-down position. Repeat this process on the right side with the right armrest.

Height adjustment:

The supplied toilet seat is placed at a height of 125 mm during production. If adjustment is required, the following procedure must be performed.

1. Determine the required height: 85, 125 or165 mm.
2. Remove the two black screws on the back of the toilet seat and the two white screws on the front of the seat.
3. Open the 4 holes of the desired height by removing the rubber caps.
4. Place the tube of the product and the screws at the desired height on both sides. Make sure that the same height adjustment is applied on both sides of the seat.
5. Place the rubber caps in the empty holes to fill them up.
Attention: The height adjustment at the front and rear does not have to be the same.

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