Easy Drain Multi Built-in part EDMIPR600 shower drain with flange 60cm side extension (without grate)

1 - 2 weeks


Easy Drain
  • Easy Drain Multi Inbouwdeel Zijuitloop Flens
Delivery time:
  • 1 - 2 weeks
  • stainless steel brushed
  • tile


Installation option:
  • Floor drain with flange
Installation depth:
  • 70mm - 79mm
  • 80mm - 89mm
  • 90mm - 99mm
  • 100mm - 109mm
  • 110mm - 119mm
Grate length:
  • 600mm
Max drainage capacity:
  • 49 l/min
Grate width:
  • 98mm
  • Horizontal outlet
Grate look:
  • closed / smooth
  • own tile
  • pattern with holes
Outer tube diameter:
  • 50mm
Pre-assembled sealing membrane:
  • No
Showerdrain one-pack:
  • No, with a grid of your choice

Easy Drain Multi Built-in shower drain

Easy Drain Multi, the worlds most multifunctional linear shower drain, has various design grates and almost limitless application possibilities. The ABS trap body can be shortened to any height and is supplied with three water seals. If required, another type of Multi trap body can be ordered separately.


Suitable for every installation situation

The multifunctional linear shower drain lives up to its name. Thanks to its watertight guarantee, height adjustable grate and several siphons, the multi is suitable for a wide range of wet area situations. Its reversible tile grate offers a styled appearance and presents the merging of a shower drain into the tiled floor.


Technical information

  • Application: New construction, Renovation
  • Certification: DIN 18534, EN 1253, ETAG-022
  • Substrate: Concrete / Sand Cement, Lewis sheets, Wooden floors
  • Floor finish: Glass Mosaic, Thin tiles, Tiles / Mosaic
  • Installation depth of the built-in part: 59 mm
  • Min. installation depth: 79 mm
  • Connection: 50 mm
  • Height adjustable feet included: Yes
  • Outlet type: Rotatable outlet
  • Water seal: 30/35/50
  • Location in shower: Between two walls, Free in the floor
  • Pre-assembled sealing membrane (WPS): No.
  • Siphon characteristics: Cleanable, Height adjustable, Pivotable & adjustable


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