ACO ShowerDrain C 408769 shower drain with wall flange 118.5cm side spout

2 - 3 weeks
408769 90108834


  • ACO ShowerDrain C
Delivery time:
  • 2 - 3 weeks
  • stainless steel polished satin
  • tile


Installation option:
  • Wall drain with flange
Installation depth:
  • 60mm - 69mm
Grate length:
  • 1185mm
Max drainage capacity:
  • 42 l/min
Grate width:
  • 70mm
  • Horizontal outlet
Grate look:
  • closed / smooth
  • own tile
  • pattern with holes
Outer tube diameter:
  • 50mm
Pre-assembled sealing membrane:
  • No
Showerdrain one-pack:
  • No, with a grid of your choice

ACO ShowerDrain C shower drain

The ACO ShowerDrain C program is characterized by modern design and perfect functionality. From a user point of view, the ShowerDrain C stands out because of its high drainage capacity, low installation height and good cleanability.

  • high-quality stainless steel
  • stench trap from Polypropylene
  • Stainless steel parts are passivated
  • grates are sharpened in satin 
  • Fully welded stainless steel gutter, no risk of leaks;
  • low building height, very suitable for renovation;
  • stench trap is easy to take out and clean;
  • unique grid profile reduces the chance of spilling water;
  • version with vertical flange gives extra security against leakage in critical floor wall connection.


Straight version with wall flange

  • Shower channel with Ø 50 mm spigot connection;
  • with separate socket Ø 50 mm suitable for every pipe system;
  • building height: 65 mm (30 mm stench lock);
  • completely stained and passivated stainless steel;
  • gutter width 70 mm;
  • with built-in slope (V-bottom);
  • tested according to NEN-EN 1253-1, discharge capacity standard 0.7 l / s, against rear wall 0.5 l / s;
  • removable PP stench trap (2-part);
  • satin cut grate in stainless steel.