2 in 1 toilet seat: Carrara & Matta family / child seat

by Berenpop tegels en sanitair

The Next StepTM is a 2 in 1 toilet seat. Aesthetically, this seat looks like a traditional seat, but also has a built-in child seat. When not in use, the child seat is held at the bottom of the lid by a hidden magnet, and is also safer for the child. There is no danger that the ring falls on the hands of the child.

In addition to safety and innovation, Carrara Matta has given attention to something that is also important for children. That is: cleaning ease, guaranteed by rounded edges.

The Next StepTM toilet seat is manufactured from molded wood. This seat fits almost all standard closets and is equipped with adjustable, chromed hinges.

Hygienic, robust.

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